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Children's Center

Dear teachers and parents,
Do not wonder where to take your kids, just visit the Children's Educational Center at the National Museum of History. It has developed special educational and entertaining programs and every visitor, big or small, can find here interesting and curious occupation. So you will discover the activities of the Children's Centre and you will find a new and different face of the museum. You will see in it partner with whom the child from an early age can join in learning the traditions of their family and society as a whole, and in the pursuit of leisure - a new approach to education and entertainment. And all this is desirable, joyful and memorable process that teaches young visitor to perceive in depth the achievements of the world around him, treating with due attention to our historical and cultural heritage.

For more information visit the site of the Children's centar.

For reservations and requests:
tel.: +359 2 955 76 04/ 139 or +359 894 540 117
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